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Monday 1 August 2016

Desk organisation and storage tips

Hey all! Now that college and exams are over and summer is finally here I've had some spare time to do some clearing out and organisation in my room. In todays post I'm going to show you some amazing and inexpensive ways to organise your desk and store all your stationary ready in time for the new school year!
The first thing you can do to help keep your desk fun and organised is to created a mood board. You can create one using so many different things such as a corkboard, an old piece of cardboard or even just using your wall.
I used a metal square grid which I purchased from Ikea, surprisingly from the garden department! I got this idea from Pinterest (surprise surprise!) but it was actually really easy to create. For my mood board I added small lights around the edge which I purchased from Primark, as well as some postcards which I got from Paperchase, but the best part about making these is you can personalise them, for example I've added some polaroid pictures. You could also add motivational quotes and revision notes to help keep you focused as you work!
Another way to help organise your desk is to store all your stationary in a basket. You can put your most used and reached for items on display so that they are quick and easy to find when working.
This little basket is from Tiger and its such as easy way to help store all the revision bits that I mostly use. As you can see I mainly use this to store things such as highlighters, post-it notes and page markers as I'm always using these when revising, and plus it looks really nice when displayed on my desk!
Another way to help keep everything organised is to use old jars and cups to store your pens and pencils. This is such a cheap and inexpensive way to organise your desk and keep everything neat and tidy.
On my desk I have used the infamous plant pots from Ikea to store my pens, however I have also used old drinking cups such as the one above with my initial on to help store my pens. I purchased the cup from HomeSense as I often find things such as pant pots and cups can be way cheaper that buying pencil pots. I have also cleaned out and reused one of my old candles to help store miscellaneous bits lying around on my desk such as my Baby lips lip balms.     
Although this may not be completely 'desk organisation' related, I also had to share with you this pencil case that I recently picked up as its so frikin amazing!
This holographic amazingness immediately caught my eye and I just had to have it. This type of material has been floating around everywhere in shops and is a must have whether your using it for a pencil case or even a makeup bag. I purchased mine from WHSmith however I have seen similar ones sold in both H&M and TopShop.
Lastly, If your really really really into stationary like me then this next organisation tip may be for you!

These acrylic draws are very famous within the beauty world, but if you want to take your desk organisation to the next level then these can be amazing for storing all things stationary related. Personally, I absolutely love this idea as you can store everything you need in one space which can be so useful if you have a tendency to over clutter your workspace.  
     I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post and It's inspired you to get organised!
Isabel xx  


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