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Thursday 30 June 2016

Swindon Designer Oulet Haul

I recently went shopping in the Swindon designer Outlet and I picked up a few things that I would like to share with you all. The Shopping centre is amazing and I would definitely recommend going there as you can get so many different designer labels without the heavy price tag- ranging from makeup and cosmetics all the way to clothing and shoes!
The first Store that I went into was the Yankee Candle store. I absolutely love Yankee candles however I can never justify spending the full price for just a single candle. However, as this was the outlet store I picked up four different Yankee tarts for a small little price!
I picked up two of the 'Kilimanjaro stars' tarts as it's one of my favourite scents- it has a very sharp and strong smell. I also picked up 'Egyptian musk' which has a muted spicy scent. And lastly, I got the 'Sicilian lemon' tart. I normally don't like lemon scents as I find them too overpowering, however this scent is a very muted and soft lemon fragrance which I thought would be a perfect summer scent. They were all 75p each however the lemon tart was 99p, but still an amazing price.

The next shop I went to was the Cosmetics Company Store. This shop sells all the high brands such as Mac, Smash box, Estee Lauder and Bobbie Brown at a discounted price. However, this store can be a hit or miss- it all depends on what type of products they have in at that certain time. I did however pick up this Clinique super balanced foundation which is designed to absorb oil where oil- control is needed, and moisturise where hydration is needed. I love my beyond perfecting foundation from Clinique so I thought I would give this one a try, and for £15.75 I couldn't leave this one behind.

I then went to Jack Wills and got some Joggers. I don't really own much loungewear so I though I would invest in some comfy bottoms that I can easily chuck on around the house. I've been wearing these joggers for a couple days now and I love them, they are really soft and fit really nicely as they have cuffed ankles. I brought these for £26 but they were originally £39.50 therefore I saved a nice bit of money.  

The last place I went to (and the place I spent the most money!) was Ralph Lauren. The first thing I got was a Nude coloured cap. These have been very popular recently so I picked one up as I though it would be good for summer. All of the women's caps were sold out so I had to buy a men's one, it's a little bit too big but when adjusted at the back it seems to fit quite well.  Price: £19.99   
I also got a pack of three trainer socks, as I really liked the logo detail at the top. I though these would like really nice with some trainers to make any outfit look a little bit more interesting, and plus- they are really soft! Price- £14.99  
And last but not least, I picked up a men's black polo. I prefer the men's pols compared to the women's polo's as they are V-neck and I prefer a round neck. I got a size small, so it's a slightly looser fit but still really easy to throw on with a pair of jeans. Price- £19.99.
Overall, I would definitely recommend going to the Swindon outlet shopping centre as you can get some really good things at a cheap price. Hope you enjoyed!  
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